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. the areas of new york where you hope to pick up territory. do you think the health care law can once again be a hindrance to you guys? where the exchange will not be updated and the fix will not go through. people will lose the plans they were accustomed to? >> it's critically important for insurance commissioners in the states to make the improvements. i hope they do make the improvements. we have given them the authority to do so and hope they will take us up on that. as long as democrats continue to find ways to fix and improve the affordable care act and republicans remain obsessed with repealing the affordable care act and going back to the days of a broken system where people were bankrupt because they were sick, as long as republicans continue to say that we should at $1200 in cost to seniors because that's what a repeal would cost and we are going to remove preventive health care and remove protects for presifting conditions, as long as they cling to that, we will number good shape. we want to fix it and improve it. they want to repeal and end it. most americans want to fix and imp
they wanted to do two months ago. start a public campaign for the health care law over law. president obama will kick-start the e effort with an event at the white house this afternoon. of course this comes nine weeks after the first rollout which was marked by glitches and crashes as well as repeated promises from the administration that things would get better. >> nobody's madder than me about the website is working as well as it should, which means it's going to get fixed. >> no one ever imagined the volume of issues and problems that we've had, and we must fix it. >> there is an enormous amount of work going on on a daily basis to make the necessary fixes and to upgrade the site with the goal of making it fully functional for the vast majority of users by the end of this month. >> i am confident that by by the time we look back on this next year that people are going to say this is working well and it's helping a lot of people. >> after all that, the white house finally appears comfortable enough to say that the website is workable and workable enough to start promoting it. late yesterd
into replace and repeal after years of quotes and votes to undo the president's healing care law, they have to figure out what to do as the base meets a new reality. hillary clinton's shadow campaign marches on, why is bill clinton talking about one of his most famous campaign quotes from 1992. it's not it's the economy, stupid. in ukraine it looks like a cold war up rising stuck in a debate over democracy. we will go live to kiev for the latest. good morning from washington. this is "the daily rundown." coming up, a deep dive into bit coin and how it could fit into the world's phi national future. this is a wild new currency gaining steam online. let's get to the first reads of the morning. you can call the last month and a half for the republican party. after losing the last two contests after the shut down in the midst of a battle in the party, republicans clearly have the political swlj it comes to health care. they are in a bit of a quandary. they believe healing care is a winning issue, they are not sure of the next move. the president will test out some of the themes of the upcoming
the anti-apartheid act into law with a vote of 78-21 in the senate. >> we are against tyranny and tyranny is in south africa. we must be vigorous in that fight. >> today's vote is today's generation saying no to the insipient holocaust of our times. >> the law banned new investment in south africa and blocked the import of most south african goods. it was the first time in the 20th century that a presidential veto on foreign policy had been overridden. those who stood on the wrong side paid for it. as south africa was used as a wedge in campaigns. here are a few examples. >> alan cranston is the leading opponent of apartheid. republicans and democrats alike voted for sanctions. the talk democratic and republican leaders in california support sanctions, but not ed zschau. he said we should encourage want in south africa. do you want a senator who stands with the extremists on the wrong side in south africa? >> senator chris coombs, chair of the foreign relations subcommittee and a former head of the naacp and democratic congressman from maryland. congressman mfume, let me start with you. y
% gdp growth. >> let me ask you about health care. there some critics of the law who believe it's a drag on the economy. what say you? >> health care reform has pluses and minuses, but we revised the forecast for 2015 or 2016. we don't think it's going to have that big of an impact. we will have various impacts. >> i will leave it there. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> up next, remembering nelson mandela, the president and mrs. obama are on the way to south africa right now for what is becoming a massive memorial, perhaps the largest in world history. heads of state will be gagering to pay respects. it will be a security nightmare for agents around the world. >> cans on across the country thanks to a wintry mix. we will have none other than jim cantore who will be live from the snowy northeast. a look ahead at the politics planner. >> it will bed bidens for them for a holiday celebration. you are watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. once upon a time, an insurance clerk stumbled upon a cottage. [knock] no one was at home, but on the kitchen table sat three insurance policies
that around, even if the health care law, the website begins to work better and there were further signs of improvement. it's a larger problem than bouncing back. >> the bigger issue this year is one of the things about this idea that politics, both parties are a mess. both parties. the president is a mess. the alternative seems like the unexpected in 2014 will be how do the voters react that are just fed up with both parties? what do they do? >> that's the consolation prize for democrats. the republican party this year has shown itself not to have recovered from the 2012 election. not to have learned from a lot of mistakes it made last year. they have big problems with women. >> what about the report. it has been a lot of year for republicans to rebrand themselves. >> the virginia governor's race was like a rerun and exposed how the problems are still there. not just in ken cuccinelli's campaign. they are in a lot of campaigns. the immigration reform, it's certainly a loss for the president. they will as republicans know continue to use it and hammer it with president obama going to vis
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6